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Garnets - January birthstoneWhether you prefer the rich, deep red of classic garnets, the magenta hues of rhodolite, the mandarin glow of spessartite, the brilliant green of exotic tsavorite, it's easy to see why garnets have captivated the imagination and been a treasured adornment for centuries! This beautiful gemstone, the birthstone for January, comes in every color of the rainbow (except blue) and there are even varieties with sparkle to rival that of the diamond!

At Just Garnets, our goal is to help you learn everything you'd ever want to know about this luxurious gemstone in it's many varieties and to feature the best and widest selection of garnet jewelry - rings, earrings, pendants and more - from over two dozen respected internet jewelers and discount retailers!

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Garnets in Folklore and Metaphysics

garnet stoneDating back to before 3000 BC, garnets have a history as rich and deep as their color! Learn about the use, folklore and traditions of garnets through the ages - in metaphysics, as a healing stone ... and of course in jewelry and fashion!

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